My name is M.BENHABILES, in the eighties I worked as a natural gas engineer, I hold a degree in chemical engineering from Tulsa University (Oklahoma).

For the last 2 decades I have been working as a physical therapist, specifically as a home health physical therapist these past 15 years. I have a degree in physical therapy from the university of California State at Long Beach.

My connection with chronic back pain is not just as a therapist; I have also been a back patient since my mid twenties.

This has been a definite advantage in acquiring a better understanding of this condition, and in being able to better assist my patients.

As a physical therapist, you develop a strong sense of empathy towards your patients. You help alleviate their pain by using your hands and/or physical modalities, but you mostly make sure that your patients are always physically performing at their most optimal level.

As an engineer you develop superior analytical skills, so that when you are called to solve a problem, you must provide a permanent solution by addressing the real Cause of the problem. Furthermore you must use the KISS principle (“keep it simple stupid”), so that the solution is a simple and pragmatic one.

I feel very fortunate to have embraced both professions, along with spending thousands of hours studying countless scientific articles about the topics of back pain and posture. That has enabled me to finally understand why people continue to suffer from back pain, It has also led to the creation of The Posture Saver, The ideal solution to this persistent condition.

The Posture Saver has been a game changer for me for the past 2 to 3 years.

I am severely bowlegged due to advanced arthritis of my knees, this has aggravated my back pain for the last decade at least.

Since I started using The Posture Saver, my back pain has considerably subsided; to the point that I have completely stopped taking all prescription pain killers.

When I occasionally overdo it on a tennis court, I only rely on a “Tylenol” or an over the counter remedy.