March 18, 2015 Back Pain No Comments

This week’s question:

Question: I’m 47, male, work in an office and have nagging back and neck pain. I’m thinking of paying for physiotherapy or a chiropractor (I can’t seem to access either on the NHS locally). I’m worried about being sold an expensive course of treatment. What do readers reckon works best – and how much should I pay?


Most people don’t realize that back pain is a continuous problem with almost every individual at some point in their life. Whether you are young, elderly, or right in the middle, at some point your back has started hurting and most people do not know the reason for this phenomenon.’

There are hundreds of treatments for chronic back pain, such as medication, chiropractic, physiotherapy, physical therapy and much more.  All of these treatments at some point work, but can be either very expensive, or very harmful to you’re overall health.

There is a solution to this chronic pain you are feeling throughout you’re entire back, and that solution is the ThePostureSaver. Posture is the way you hold your body while standing, sitting, or performing tasks like lifting, bending, pulling, or reaching. If your posture is good, the bones of the spine — the vertebrae — are correctly aligned.

Your spine is strong and stable when you practice healthy posture. But when you stoop or slouch, your muscles and ligaments struggle to keep you balanced — which can lead to back pain, headaches and other problems.  Most people fail at keeping their posture secure in the right position most of the time and because of this develop major problems.

Written by mustapha benhabiles